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Deka Cannabis is a recreational cannabis dispensary near Bayonne, NJ located only 25 min (8 mi) North of Bayonne via I-78 E. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Bayonne, NJ and beyond. Get Directions.

Bayonne, NJ (Adult-Use) Cannabis Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Dispensary Near Bayonne, NJ?

Deka Cannabis is the premiere dispensary in Northern New Jersey. We offer a wide variety of cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and many more. 

Bayonne's Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting Our Dispensary from Bayonne? Things to Know

You’ll find it a few miles north in Jersey City at Deka Cannabis. This community-focused dispensary is committed to providing a new kind of cannabis experience. Buyers will be thrilled with the expansive collection of marijuana products for them to shop, from diverse strains of cannabis flower to convenient pre-rolls, vaporizers, and vape cartridges. Meanwhile, effective and delicious edibles provide a great option for discreet cannabis users, as do tinctures and wellness-focused topicals. Don’t forget a wide-ranging blend of concentrates, perfect for elevating any session. It’s all served up by some of New Jersey’s friendliest, most experienced, and most knowledgeable budtenders, who can help you find the perfect selection for your tolerance, needs, or budget.

Is weed legal in Bayonne?

Bayonne is weed-friendly, as is the rest of the Garden State. Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal to possess and use in New Jersey for adults over 21. Shoppers are limited to an ounce of cannabis flower per dispensary transaction or, alternatively, four grams of vape oils or concentrates or 1,000 milligrams of edible THC. In total, adults are permitted to possess up to six ounces of flower or its equivalents without violating the law. However, it remains illegal to use cannabis in public or operate a vehicle while under the influence.

Other reasons to visit our dispensary from Bayonne

There are more reasons to make the trek to this top dispensary near Bayonne NJ, than just the excellent selection and top-tier service. The area around Deka Cannabis is home to some of Jersey City’s best and most diverse restaurants, including the delicious Los Tres Chillitos, casual Corkscrew Bar, and upscale The Hutton. Shoppers can also relax outside with some breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline at nearby Riverview-Fisk Park, along with sports courts and green space. Washington Park offers another popular urban escape with greenery and community amenities.

Getting to our dispensary from Bayonne

Picking up from Deka Cannabis is worth the convenient eight- to nine-mile trip, which typically takes 25 minutes to half an hour. Starting from the intersection of Broadway and 30th Street, head east on 30th Street, taking the first left onto Avenue E. Follow this road for 1.4 miles, taking the second exit at the traffic circle to continue straight along the way. Keep right and merge onto Interstate 78 East. Roughly 3.2 miles later, take the Columbus Drive exit. Merge onto Center Street, followed by a quick U-turn onto Merseles Street. Take the first right onto Montgomery Street and follow it for 0.6 miles. Turn right onto Summit Avenue and head straight for 2 miles. Turn right at Thorne Street, followed by a left onto Central Avenue. Deka Cannabis will be immediately to the right.

Cannabis Dispensary Near Me?

Looking for a dispensary near Bayonne, NJ? Come check us out, we are a short drive away!

404 Central Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07307

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